Jim's Texas Hots / Bacalle's Glass / Raven's Landing

(1893), 8-10 1/2 W. Market Street

Architectural Style: Victorian Corbelled

In the late 1800s a popular swindle was sweeping the nation. Scheming bank robbers would rent a building next to a bank, establish a credible business and during the evening hours they would tunnel into the bank's vault. Eventually they would empty the vault and the new business would be gone before dawn. During this time, two Corning gentlemen wanted to establish a bank but, with the current scam in mind, they bought two building lots to leave space between neighboring businesses and the bank vault, to be located in what is now Bacalles Glass Shop. However, after the construction was completed, the gentlemen didn't have enough funds to start the bank and they sold the buildings and the lots. Three separate shops were created by adding facades, a roof and back walls.